The accommodation: your comments

Author Mark Fisher with a backdrop of Edinburgh Castle

Rooms for improvement

YOU’RE COMING to Edinburgh to perform, not to have a luxury holiday, but there’s no escaping the fact that where you stay – and how much it costs – will have an impact on how comfortable you are and, in turn, how smoothly your show goes.

This chapter of The Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide rounds up the kind of property that is available and the best way you can go about getting somewhere that suits you and your fellow company members.

Contributing tips to this chapter are Fringe experts including comedian Nick Doody, director Renny Krupinski and producer Chris Grady, as well as letting agent Chris Boisseau.

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  1. If any readers are planning their visit to the Fringe Festival this year, I'd recommend booking your Edinburgh Fringe Festival accommodation as early as you can because places get full surprisingly quickly! You certainly don't want to get caught out last minute!

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