Fun, fun, funding

WHEN I was researching The Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide, I expected to hear lots of horror stories about people going bankrupt and re-mortgaging their house as a result of the debts they accumulated by putting on a show on the Fringe. My evidence is purely anecdotal, but generally that wasn’t what I heard.

Yes, there are people who get their fingers burnt and are still paying off their overdraft five years later and, yes, as in the recent case of Remarkable Arts, it happens that a venue management runs into financial trouble leaving companies out of pocket. But on the whole, the message is that with a realistic budget you can break even.

How you draw up a realistic budget is the question. Today John Fleming has written a blog called How to finance a show at bottomless money pits like the Edinburgh Fringe which has a few tips on how to make ends meet.

If you have more to say about money and budgets, I’ve set up this page to do so: The money – your comments.