The marketing campaign: your comments

Author Mark Fisher in front of the Fringe shop

Sell, sell, sell

YOU MAY be experienced at selling shows elsewhere, but once you get to Edinburgh in August, you realise the rulebook has been thrown away. This chapter of The Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide deals with the various techniques you can use to let people know about your show, remembering you’re up against phenomenal competition.

We talk about the audience, about images, about word of mouth and that old Fringe favourite, flyering.

Sharing their experiences from the Fringe frontline are experts including Charlie Wood of the Underbelly, publicists Liz Smith, Claire Walker and Fraser Smith, producer Chris Grady, Forest Fringe’s Andy Field, comedian Nick Doody, producer James Seabright and magician Paul Daniels. We also meet Fringe performers working the crowds on the Royal Mile.

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