Fringe registration

REGISTRATION is now open for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012. If you want to do a show in the world’s biggest arts festival this year, then follow the links on the Fringe participant show registration page

If you register before 21 March, you’ll qualify for a reduced fee. That means you still have two months from now to think about it. If you leave it later than that, you’ll have to find another £100 or so.

The final programme registration deadline is 11 April. You can register after that, but you won’t be included in the printed edition of the Fringe Programme. As The Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide explains, that can put you at a considerable disadvantage. This is a highly competitive festival, so no need to make the competition any harder for yourself.

In the meantime, you should click on this link to order your copy of The Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide.  It’s out on 16 February.