The timing: your comments

Author Mark Fisher outside the Fringe Office

Month by month through the Fringe year

THERE’S A lot to do when you’re putting on a Fringe show. The Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide can’t tell you how to write and rehearse – that’d be a book in itself – but it does describe all the many other tasks on your plate. They can sound daunting, but there’s plenty of time to do them all well as long as you plan carefully.

Before we go into detail in the rest of the book, this chapter outlines what you should be doing when, whether it’s talking to venue managers or doing a last-minute marketing drive.

Offering advice are experienced hands such as venue managers William Burdett-Coutts and Anthony Alderson, tech specialist Nick Read, publicist Claire Walker, theatre critic Joyce McMillan, actor Anthony Black and producer Nica Burns.

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